It always brings me joy when I get the opportunity to photograph my brother Trevor, my sister-in-law Katie and my niece and nephew Hudson and Ainsley. I love these four people so much. It has been so much fun to see how my little niece and nephew’s personalities have developed over the last year.

Hudson (4) is caring, attentive and precocious. His smile is always a bright spot in my day, especially when he scrunches his little nose. He has more recently started using hand motions as he talks (more deliberately for emphasis) and it is just too darn cute. Ainsley calls him ‘Bubba,’ and he is a sweet older brother who looks out for his little sister (most of the time).

Ainsley (2) is just darling. I admire her feisty, spunky nature. She feels deeply and loves hard. Husdon is her hero and best friend. Her vocabulary grows more and more with each passing day. I melt when she says my name (Rach, but it sounds more like ‘Reesh’). We’re still working on getting her to say David…

Trevor and Katie are phenomenal parents. David and I have watched over the years as they have worked on discipline & manners with both kiddos and their hard work is paying off. They love one another well and make a strong team together. I love the dynamic between the four of them and I especially love the shots of Hud & Ains giving one another big bear hugs. Let’s just say I have wayyy too many favorites from this session 😉Enjoy! 💫