Nate is my husband David's brother. He recently got engaged to Kayla and they are planning on getting married this coming spring. Kayla and David actually went to Purdue together and were in the same friend group.

Nate and Kayla met when they sat next to one another on a flight to Cincinnati. After talking for a little while, Kayla asked if Nate was related to David because she noticed parallels in their mannerisms and how they talk. They kept in touch after the flight and the rest is history.

While we were out in Seattle together for a family trip, we planned a photo session together. True to form, Nate and Kayla were adventurous, fun and animated as we explored Pike Place Market and walked around a local park. I love how this session tells the story of our afternoon together. You can see their personalities shine through the images and get a glimpse of their relationship: best friends, enjoying life side by side  💫