I’ve known the Jackson family since I was in elementary school. Caroline and I became the best of friends in first grade and I absolutely LOVED going to their house as a child. I think I still have their home phone number memorized ☺️

As a little girl who grew up with two older brothers, I believe the Jackson sisters became the sisters I never had in a way. I have so many fun memories of going to their house for an annual Easter egg hunt, trick or treating in their neighborhood and having countless sleepovers where we watched movies, ate popcorn, and drank orange Crush soda. It was a gift to share some of my favorite childhood memories with them ✨

Dr. J. and Kim have raised three amazing, beautiful daughters and it was a blast getting to capture their entire family at this stage of life. Little grandbabies running around, aunts and uncles helping entertain them by singing songs, tickling, kissing and hugging them, or tossing them up into the air to get alll the giggles and smiles for photos. It was the best kind of family photography: beautiful, funny, a bit chaotic at times but full of love and sweet moments throughout the evening. Enjoy 🌿