My beautiful cousin Esther got married this past weekend. Her husband's name is Ben and together they make a pretty stellar couple. Their love has a quiet, steady sensibility to it. Ben's sister Maggie shot their wedding and graciously let me help document part of their day. 

I love all of my cousins and have really fond memories of vacationing with them as a child: jumping on the double trampoline set-up they had in their neighborhood, going to the beach and catching the waves together, laughing at mealtimes as my dad & aunt told stories, always with a twinkle in their eyes. When I was a little girl, I looked up to Esther so it was an honor to get to photograph her as a bride. 

When my Uncle Jeff started walking Esther down the aisle, I glanced over at my husband David, only to realize there were tears in his eyes. Mine quickly filled soon after. It's easy when you're photographing a wedding to only think about the best angle, the next shot, etc. But David's reaction reminded me to appreciate the sacred moments that are a part of every wedding: when the bride and groom see one another for the first time, when the first dances take place, when a father gives his daughter away.

Ben & Esther's day had some unique and beautiful details. One of my favorites was that they drove off in my late grandparents' 1930 Ford Model A Sport Coupe, affectionately called "Daisy."

Each wedding day is full of stories, a variety of narratives being woven together to create a new one. You see a family come together and surround the bride and groom in a manner that is beautiful yet brief. As soon as the day is over, they let them go off on their own adventure. I hope this small window into Ben & Esther's wedding tells the story of the day well. Enjoy ✨