I'm a fun-loving, free-spirited creative ⋒
Here are a few things I care deeply about:

  • My faith in Christ

  • My husband David

  • My family

  • Capturing beautiful and authentic moments on camera

  • Bringing a creative vision to life with clarity and heart

My life, as of right now, involves the two characters in the following photo. That's me, with my husband David. 

He is my teammate and best friend (and often my second-shooter at weddings and events). I look forward to seeing what else our story holds.

Here I am on my wedding day with my husband David (Image by:    Jenny Haas   )

Here I am on my wedding day with my husband David (Image by: Jenny Haas)

I also love…

  • The band Johnnyswim

  • Black raspberry chip ice-cream

  • Singing // music

  • Soft, dappled light

  • Fun & unique jewelry

  • My nieces and nephew

  • The color turquoise

  • Traveling // new adventures

  • Dancing (especially at weddings!)

  • Anthropologie

  • Game nights with friends

  • Sessions at golden hour

  • Lavender lattes




In short: I care a lot about my clients. I have always loved photography because it gives me the opportunity to capture incredible love stories, growing families, artful arrangements and more. 

My goal is to capture timeless images of you and your loved ones through my lens. I want to preserve memories of celebratory, meaningful, and honest moments that you will treasure for a long time to come. 

I am a photographer who cares about going the extra step to get beautiful light, who loves when people and couples are true to themselves and who appreciates beauty in the ordinary, small moments that sometimes go unseen.

I am also a photographer who will gush about how stunning your wedding dress is, who will laugh with your kids at a family session, and who will do her best to make you feel like the best version of yourself in front of the camera. I value honesty, creativity, grace and truth. 

If you're looking to set up a session with me, visit my contact page! I can't wait to hear from you.



I've been a graphic designer for over five years and I still get excited about every new project. My love of design started at a young age when I used to spend hours reading illustrated books as a child, amazed at the use of graphics and text in conjunction with one another.

I have done a variety of work from logos to wedding invitations, pop-up banners to mood boards and a whole lot in between.

I love design and photography and I believe they inform one another. My designer's eye helps me as a photographer and vice versa.

I love drafting, collaborating, and casting a vision with others, so that an imagined concept becomes a reality. 

The essence of all beautiful art, of all great art, is gratitude.

I am incredibly grateful for the people and experiences who have molded me into the artist, designer and photographer I am today. I would be honored to be a part of your story as well.